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What does Na`au Wala`au mean?

Na`au: "gut"Wala`au: "to talk"What I draw are expressions of what my na`au feels. I don't think when I draw.  Instead, I try to allow my "gut" to guide my hands so that I can put a physical image to my feelings.  And it's these "feelings" that I share because I feel that everyone can relate to feelings, and through that comes connection.  At first, I came up with the name "Na`auTalks" and used that name for my company.  But thanks to my father and his brilliant ideas, he came up with and blessed me with the name Na`auWala`au.  So therefore, Na`auWala`au comes from my father, and I move into the future holding that as the seed that will one day evolve into something greater not just for me and my `ohana, but for all Hawaiians and eventually the world.-Kamaka